Hot Tub Guidelines

Your Hot tub has been prepared today especially for You and your guests.

To ensure it remains clean and sparkling, there are certain requirements that your party must address.

1.     Everyone must observe the Hot tub rules.

2.     You must shower before use, remove all fake tan, make-up and body lotions; these wreck Hot Tub water and it will look like a pond very quickly.

3.     Maximum bathing time is 15 minutes; it is not a swimming pool or bath. Your skin/heath may suffer if you stay in longer.

4.     The Hot Tub must be respected; no drinking/eating/smoking or fooling around whilst in the tub.

5.     At the end of the session, the Hot Tub must be filled to the required level to ensure it continues to filter the heat; the chlorine float must be replaced inside the tub. The cover must then be replaced.

6.     You must allow access on a daily basis for routine cleaning and maintenance.

7.     Hot Tubs are not designed for children; we recommend that they do not use them. As parents/guardians, this is your decision.

8.     Please do not place objects or stand on the hot tub cover.

9.     No alcohol is to be consumed in the hot tub.

10.  Non-swimmers and children should not be left unattended.

11.  Only four people should be in at any one time.

12.  Never use the hot tub in a thunderstorm.

13.  No electrical appliances or glasses are to be near the hot tub.

14.  No jumping/diving into the hot tub.

15.  For safety, please ensure the cover is locked after each use.

Nobody wants to spoil your stay and as long as you observe these simple guide lines, your tub will remain perfect.