Booking Terms and Conditions

Bookings are made and accepted subject to the following terms and conditions, where (We/Us) refers to G.I.J. Hot Tub Breaks Tattershall Lakes Ltd and (You) refers to the client;

By paying a deposit to G.I.J. Hot Tub Breaks Tattershall Lakes Ltd, you are agreeing to have read and will comply with the Booking terms and Conditions and any other conditions set by us, and as the lead guest, you accept full liability for any charges incurred throughout your stay.

1.       We accept no responsibility for any personal injury/death, of any holiday makers, or loss of or consequential loss or damage to their property, or for other matters over which we have no control. Except to the extent that such personal injury or death is caused by the negligence or wilful default of us.

2.       The agreement between us and the lead guest (with whom the booking was placed), is on the basis that the accommodation is to be occupied by the holiday makers for a holiday as mentioned in the Housing Act 1988 Schedule 1, paragraph 9 and you acknowledge that the tenancy granted by this agreement is not an assured tenancy and that no statutory periodic tenancy will arise when it ends.

3.       Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under 18 years of age. Group bookings of single sex parties may be allowed by special agreement with us (a further £100 will be added to the refundable deposit to cover damage if required). No pets are allowed in our holiday home, if this agreement is broken, the deposit will not be refunded and further cleaning expenses may be recovered.

4.       A refundable deposit of £100 must be paid within 24hours to secure your dates. If the contracting party cancels the booking at any time after the deposit has been paid, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

5.       We recommend that cancellation insurance be taken out when making a booking, even when payment is made in full.

6.       Any defects to the property must be reported after inspection on arrival by the guest, up to one hour after arrival, failure to do so will result in liability being placed with the lead guest.

7.       No bookings are valid until confirmed by us and you/the guest lead return the terms and conditions to 

8.       Once a booking is confirmed by us, the lead guest is responsible for the full balance to be paid no later than 21 days before the booking is due to commence.

9.       We reserve the right to re-let any holiday where any monies due are more than 7 days in arrears, unless already agreed by us. However, if we are unable to re-let the holiday, the lead guest will remain liable for the outstanding balance of the cost of the holiday.

10.   In the event that the accommodation become unavailable (such as fire or flooding), we will endeavour to provide the guest with suitable alternative accommodation or we will refund all monies paid. We cannot, however, pay any compensation or expenses as a result.

11.   A guest requiring a booking to be altered after the booking has been confirmed will be charged a re-booking fee of £10. (Any alteration to the original booking is at the discretion of us).

12.   The holiday makers shall keep the property and all furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found. Any excessive cleaning required, due to your booking, will incur a fee, starting at £50, recoverable from the deposit. The holiday makers must report and pay to us, the cost of any damage or breakages made during their stay. We reserve the right to make a charge where guests have contravened our request for the property to be smoke free.

13.   Use of the hot tub is for adults only. Anyone under the age of 16 MUST NOT use the hot tub unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

14.   No food or drink is to be consumed in the hot tub. ALL MAKE UP AND FAKE TAN must be removed prior to using the hot tub. Failure to do so will result in fines starting at £100.

15.   The hot tub is set for perfect water levels/filtration; please do not alter or remove any jets.

16.   No jumping into the hot tub.

17.   Water levels must be maintained at the same level throughout your stay. Low water levels may result in a malfunction.

18.   Failure to comply with any hot tub rule set by us may result in a fee, as stated in clause 13. Should the hot tub fail to work on your departure, the lead guest will be held liable for any breakages/damage fees incurred.

19.   If, due to your booking, we cannot fulfil our next guests booking, the lead guest will be held responsible to cover all costs for repairs/replacements, plus any compensation we incur as a result. This can include, but is not limited to, refund to guests following your departure or compensation to guests for late arrival/days missed.

20.   The holiday makers right to occupy the property may be forfeited without compensation or refund of deposit if:

a.       More people than the property holds attempt to take up occupation.

b.       Overnight guests are entertained without our express permission.

c.       Any activity is undertaken which is illegal, or may cause unreasonable damage, noise, behaviour or disturbance.

d.       Smoking whilst inside the boundaries of the property, to include the decking area.

21.   We or our representatives shall be allowed access to the property at any reasonable time during the occupancy, should we feel that the rules are not being followed. This may result in you being asked to leave without compensation.

22.   Any matters taken up between us and the holiday makers shall be kept private, unless we feel any public publications/images may be used as proof of, failure to comply with the terms and conditions, damage to the property or theft. Failure to comply may result in legal action being taken by us to claim any damages caused by slander.

23.   Departure is at 10am, if you fail to leave the premises by this time, you may be charged a late departure fee, starting at £50.

24.   If for any reason the contracting party cancels the booking within 8 weeks of the holiday commencement date, the lead guest will be liable for 75% of the cost of the holiday. 

25.   If the contracting party cancels the booking more than 8 weeks before the holiday commencement date, the lead guest is liable for 25% of the booking cost.

26.   We reserve the right to re-advertise any dates where payment is not received within 7 days of their due date.

27.   We are located near RAF Coningsby and as such, it is expected that there may be low-flying aircraft. No refunds will be given due to aircraft noise.

28.   Please note, we do not provide park passes. These can be purchased from Away Resorts Main Reception.

29.  We reserve the right to deduct from the deposit, and if necessary charge for any costs incurred to repair any damage to the property or it’s contents.